Agency Signed Model | Model Coach


I'm so sick of scammy modeling schools & conventions that sell false dreams to aspiring models!

Kamla-Kay is an agency signed, International model & modeling coach/model mentor teaching aspiring models of various ages & heights the

methods on how to become a model. Beginner model tips!

NOT a modeling school
or modeling agency

Private 1:1 Model Coaching
with Kamla-Kay. Hand Selected
limited clients accepted each quarter

You've probably heard the horror stories of a modeling school or convention that taught outdated 1990 information & posing/runways skills that were NOT best suited for the aspiring model's look, height, or industry potential.

Or maybe you've spent countless hours doing random Google searches on "How to Become a Model" and you are still super lost on why you are still getting rejected by modeling agencies.

After being scammed & then finally becoming a professional, agency-signed International model myself, my modeling coach/modeling mentorship sessions can save you from industry pitfalls that could cause you thousands in lost/wasted income + time. 

Plus I teach you that it's possible

to be a working model even if you are older than age 30.


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I am signed to Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited & 10 management. Before signing with either agency I consulted with Kamla. She helped me with research to make the best decision for my career... I can confidently say that having spoken to her and received her coaching I am comfortable with where I am in my career.

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When she started coaching me, shortly after I signed to 2 reputable modeling agencies & started booking paid modeling jobs. I recently made my 1st national commercial debut as a lead for the NFL shop! One of the biggest lessons Kamla taught me is the importance of investing in a good quality portfolio and into your craft.