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I'm so sick of scammy modeling schools & conventions that sell false dreams to aspiring models!

Kamla-Kay is an agency signed, International model & modeling coach/model mentor teaching aspiring models of various ages & heights the

methods on how to become a model. Beginner model tips!

NOT a modeling school
or modeling agency

Private 1:1 Model Coaching
with Kamla-Kay. Hand Selected
limited clients accepted each quarter

You've probably heard the horror stories of a modeling school or convention that taught outdated 1990 information & posing/runways skills that were NOT best suited for the aspiring model's look, height, or industry potential.

Or maybe you've spent countless hours doing random Google searches on "How to Become a Model" and you are still super lost on why you are still getting rejected by modeling agencies.

After being scammed & then finally becoming a professional, agency-signed International model myself, my modeling coach/modeling mentorship sessions can save you from industry pitfalls that could cause you thousands in lost/wasted income + time. 

Plus I teach you that it's possible

to be a working model even if you are older than age 30.


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I am signed to Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited & 10 management. Before signing with either agency I consulted with Kamla. She helped me with research to make the best decision for my career... I can confidently say that having spoken to her and received her coaching I am comfortable with where I am in my career.

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When she started coaching me, shortly after I signed to 2 reputable modeling agencies & started booking paid modeling jobs. I recently made my 1st national commercial debut as a lead for the NFL shop! One of the biggest lessons Kamla taught me is the importance of investing in a good quality portfolio and into your craft.



Our coaching session with Kamla-Kay was the best decision we ever made to get our granddaughter, Alanna, started in her modeling career...In just a few short weeks after being coached by Kamla we were able to obtain three modeling/talent agencies to sign Alanna. The information Kamla gave us was extremely helpful to know the "do's and the don'ts" of the industry and what we needed to know in order to get the attention of the agencies.  Her knowledge and information is invaluable!  She answered every single question we had. I highly recommend Kamla-Kay's coaching to anyone getting started in this industry. You won't be disappointed! (review by grandparent, Brenda)

Fashion Model

8 years ago I quit my office job

With over 8 years of experience modeling for brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, Stella McCartney, Disney, David Beckham etc.,  I understand what it takes to successfully navigate the modeling industry safely & with results. As your modeling coach, model mentor, I'll always be honest & tell you if you have a shot in the industry so you can make informed decisions.


1st things 1st - Rules on "How to Become a Model"

1. Never pay to join a modeling agency - EVER!

2. It is not necessary to attend a modeling convention to get scouted

3. It is not necessary to spend thousands on portfolio shoots to get your model career started