• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

Becoming A Model During The Pandemic

Updated: Jan 4

Much like the airline, cruise line and other major industries that have been affected by COVID-19, the entertainment industry has also taken a major hit.

Where models would be flying to do a shoot and production crews would be arriving early mornings to set up lights and equipment, thousands of jobs within our field have canceled left and right amidst the need to slow the rate of the spread of the virus.

models on lounge chairs at resort with photographer and camera
Kamla-Kay on set - Grove Resort

While this is a harrowing time with many of us taking a financial blow and finger nail biting is at an all time high, there are some opportunities - light at the end of the tunnel - that can come as a result of this worldwide "shutdown" with the right preparation.

I recently heard the CEO of a technology based social media corporation say that those who come back the strongest AFTER a recession are those who build DURING the downturn.

This means that while you are potentially at home either working remotely from a temporary job you secured, or just passing time with household projects, this unexpected flexibility could be your opportunity to later expand within an industry that you desire to ultimately get back to.