• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

Earn extra cash as a Brand Ambassador

Ready to enter the modeling industry but wondering how you will make ends meet if you quit your full-time job to pursue your passion?

As a professional model, between casting calls where you audition for a specific TV commercial, runway show or print job plus the traveling that sometimes takes place as a result of a booking, you will need to have a flexible schedule to a certain degree.

If you have ever visited New York City or Los Angeles, you will notice that a lot of models/actors have side jobs such as working in restaurants and for others, they do something called brand ambassador work to allow for a flexible schedule.

When I 1st started my modeling career, I heavily relied on brand ambassador & promotional modeling gigs to provide a more stable income until I got into the groove of booking paid modeling jobs.

It is important to note that some companies will use either the term "promotional model" or "brand ambassador" interchangeably.

However, typically, when a high end client puts out a request for "promotional models" they are most likely looking for someone with a certain level of model-esque attractiveness while when they say "brand ambassadors" that often means that the "everyday" guy/girl next door are also welcome to apply.