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Earn extra cash as a Brand Ambassador

Ready to enter the modeling industry but wondering how you will make ends meet if you quit your full-time job to pursue your passion?

As a professional model, between casting calls where you audition for a specific TV commercial, runway show or print job plus the traveling that sometimes takes place as a result of a booking, you will need to have a flexible schedule to a certain degree.

If you have ever visited New York City or Los Angeles, you will notice that a lot of models/actors have side jobs such as working in restaurants and for others, they do something called brand ambassador work to allow for a flexible schedule.

When I 1st started my modeling career, I heavily relied on brand ambassador & promotional modeling gigs to provide a more stable income until I got into the groove of booking paid modeling jobs.

It is important to note that some companies will use either the term "promotional model" or "brand ambassador" interchangeably.

However, typically, when a high end client puts out a request for "promotional models" they are most likely looking for someone with a certain level of model-esque attractiveness while when they say "brand ambassadors" that often means that the "everyday" guy/girl next door are also welcome to apply.


Promotional modeling or brand ambassadors, either male or female, is someone who is hired by a brand to create brand awareness and potentially even drive sales for a specific product or service. More specifically, promotional models or brand ambassadors are hired often at events such as trade shows, outdoor festivals and concerts, sporting events, car shows, private celebrity parties and the list continues.

Often, when you attend an event and you see staffing personal dressed alike helping guests such as signing them in on an iPad, handing out free snacks and t-shirts for instance, they were hired as promotional models or brand ambassadors.

For example, I was once hired as a brand ambassador to work an event for Sunglass Hut in which guests were invited to attend a fun evening social on Miami Beach.

Modeling Kamla-Kay holding Sunglass Hut glasses at outdoor event
Kamla-Kay for Sunglass Hut

As a brand ambassador, our role that night was to manage the various stations such as the photo booth, the gaming portals and the VIP check-in list.

In another instance, I worked an event, often referred to as an "activation" in which the client was specifically looking for promotional models - AKA those with the model look.

This activation was for Ralph Lauren in which they invited Miami Heat Basketball player Chris Bosh & his wife Adrienne Bosh as the celebrity guests. For that event, the models were handing out roses to those on the street and encouraging them to check out the Valentines' day inspired pink truck nearby that was filled with perfumes for sale.

Basketball player Chris Bosh, his wife Adrienne & model Kamla-Kay outside by Ralph Lauren event truck
Kamla-Kay, Chris Bosh, Adrienne Bosh Ralph Lauren Event


In order to become a promotional model or a brand ambassador, you will need to do the following steps to best increase your chances of booking these event-like roles.

1) get a professional headshot taken of you.

It is best to get a shot of you in a light pastel colored top (blouse for ladies and collared shirt for guys) as well as a more professional shirt such as a button down.

You will also need a full body shot in both professional attire as well as nice casual attire. This is when you would want to skip the clothes with rips, holes, logos and writing.

2) Research on Google "Brand Ambassador Agency" or "Promotional Modeling Agency" to begin doing finding companies. These companies will allow you to create a profile on their site at which they will later begin to email you event booking opportunities based on your location and credentials used to sign up.

A list of a few event agencies to get you started include:

  • Assist Marketing

  • Attract Agency

  • B9 Models

  • Eye5 MKTG & Talent

  • Gail & Rice (hires for many of the Auto Shows)

  • Productions Plus (hires for many of the Auto Shows)

  • Runway Waiters

  • Silhouettes, Inc.

  • Siren Staffing

Note that there are hundreds more out there...


On average, most promotional modeling/brand ambassador events range from $18-25 per hour depending on the event and the locale. Events with this price range are typically 6-12 hours in length for the day. If you are booked for a liquor promotion, they often pay anywhere from $30-50 an hour. However, these promotions are sometimes only 2-3 hours long.

Some clients will also offer a per-diem day rate of $25-45 per day to cover food, gas etc. but this is not very common with most companies.

Now that you have a better understanding of another method of making extra income by way of a flexible schedule, you can begin creating accounts on promotional staffing pages as you navigate the main goal of becoming a working agency model.

Peace & love,




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