This packed clearly written - but packed guide - breaks down all the common categories in the modeling industry and gives you a check-list at the end to ensure you focus on the catergory of modeling that will bring you the greatest chance of success as a model. 


Many aspiring models often select the wrong category and thus take images not suited for their look. This decreases their chance to get agency signed by a reputable agency and book paid work.


You are probably wondering if you are 2 short or past the right age limit to be a model.


You keep trying to become one but you get stuck in the process because you don't know all the right steps and so you are just wasting years missing out on your dream.


Trust me, I get it! I was sad alot when I 1st started because I was so lost and I couldn't find a list of all the tips needed to make the right decisions. 


I bet you feel how I felt!

You spend hours trying to learn online but you haven't figured out where you fit in.


You go to sleep wishing you were a model and flip through magazines or watch TV commercial dreaming it were you in ads. 


Sounds like you?


Well, I'm here to help. I took the time to create this category guide just for you.


I always say, choose someone as your mentor that you feel you can trust. Someone you wouldn't mind grabbing lunch with, LAUGHING WITH and that seems to fit your vibe. 


I have over 7 years experience modeling for top clients such as Stella McCartney, Nassau Paradise Island, The Ritz Carlton, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, The Kardashians, and more.

Gain my quick tips knowledge in this easy to read, structured guide.



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Are you gonna keep having a sad face becase you aren't a model or are you gonna stop being a scared aspiring model and take the steps needed to be on tv, in an ad or on the runway?


Don't punk out on YOURSELF...Go after your dreams!


If after purchase you have a follow-up question, please email primeangles@kamlakay.com. I'm here for you!

Discovering Your BEST Modeling Niche

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    Client agrees that by purchasing any authorized copies of downloadable materials and/or moving forward to set up a coaching session with Kamla-Kay that they will comply with copyright laws by not reproducing or redistributing any part of it in any form without written permission by Kamla-Kay McKenzie.  Kamla-Kay does not guarantee that client will then move on to becoming a model and or gain representation by an agency. It is ultimately up to each individual agency to decide which models they wish to sign to their company and not at the decision of Kamla-Kay. Since Kamla-Kay McKenzie is not an agency and cannot provide signed agency representation or legal advice to said aspiring model, client, therefore, agrees to hold harmless Kamla-Kay McKenzie should their ultimate goals, expectations etc. within the industry not be realized. Knowledge gained in documents and coaching course are given on the industry relative to how to go about submitting to agencies, photography needs etc. and it is then up the client to apply that information, do additional research as needed, practice as necessary and then move forth as they see fit with submitting to agencies based on their locale and individualized goals. 

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