Want to learn from an industry expert on "How to Become a Model: Getting Agency Signed" ?


Ready to get to work as a model so that you can finally see yourself in print ads, TV commercials and maybe even runway shows? 


In her latest eBook, international agency signed model and modeling coach Kamla-Kay educates aspiring models on what it takes to become a model in the industry by giving them the rundown guide of the modeling industry.


Whether you want to be a commercial print, fashion, fitness or even parts model, this eBook guides aspiring talent on:

  • The best ways to submit to a modeling agency
  • What images an agency is expecting to see from you
  • How to avoid agency scams
  • What to expect inside of agency contracts
  • How to improve their skin to be model ready 
    AND so much more in this in-depth 90+ page eBook

Skip the 5 year old articles on the internet where you have to piece together the content from 10 different sites.


This eBook is the beginners guide to the modeling industry to get any aspiring model started in achieving their dreams as a professional, working model. 


Book cover photography: Tommy Chung 

Hair & Make-up: Cassandra Celestin 

How to Become Model (eBook)

  • Please note that this is a digital eBook in which you will download the PDF book file to your computer, tablet or cellphone. Non-Refundable.

  • *Client agrees that purchase of any digital documents such as eBooks, guides, modules and coaching sessions are non-refundable unless explicitly stated otherwise for an individual Masterclass product.

    Client agrees that by purchasing any authorized copies of downloadable materials and/or moving forward to set up a coaching session with Kamla-Kay that they will comply with copyright laws by not reproducing or redistributing any part of it in any form without written permission by Kamla-Kay McKenzie.  Kamla-Kay does not guarantee that client will then move on to becoming a model and or gain representation by an agency. It is ultimately up to each individual agency to decide which models they wish to sign to their company and not at the decision of Kamla-Kay. Since Kamla-Kay McKenzie is not an agency and cannot provide signed agency representation or legal advice to said aspiring model, client, therefore, agrees to hold harmless Kamla-Kay McKenzie should their ultimate goals, expectations etc. within the industry not be realized. Knowledge gained in documents and coaching course are given on the industry relative to how to go about submitting to agencies, photography needs etc. and it is then up the client to apply that information, do additional research as needed, practice as necessary and then move forth as they see fit with submitting to agencies based on their locale and individualized goals. 
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