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It started off when I was about 7 years old and I discovered who Tyra Banks was. I was obsessed. And my obsession with her and the idea of becoming a model was strengthened by the fact that people would sometimes say that I looked like baby Tyra–the same lighter skin and green eyes. Fast forward to college and I was part of a crew of students of created a modeling group on campus. We would do fashion shows on campus and in the community and I was always hitting all the angles on every photoshoot without the need to be coached. I had a gift. Modeling was my passion. 


But I also wanted to get my education in marketing & advertising – Master’s Degree. Check! 

Not to mention that I didn’t think that modeling would be a realistic career for me because I didn’t know anyone in my personal life on that path. 


It wasn’t until years later that I began praying for clarity on if I should quit my corporate job. After a year of praying, God gave me the go-ahead and I resigned (Don’t quit your day job just yet…make sure you have savings lol). 


Now here I am.


Signed to 8 modeling agencies from the USA to Cape Town, South Africa. After modeling for brands such as Ritz-Carlton, Stella McCartney, David Beckham, Disney, Bacardi, Lowes home improvement, KFC, and the list continues to grow, I decided to become a modeling mentor/coach to help other aspiring models.


I wanted to help others avoid some of the scams we experienced on my journey to becoming a model and bring clarity to the industry expectations. 


I’ve now coached parents who want to get their children into modeling as well as adults – even those beyond age 30 - who thought they could never get into modeling due to their “old” age. 


That’s what led to me offering 1-on-1 posing classes to women who felt stuck on camera, who wanted to gain more on-camera confidence and who didn’t know what pose to do besides the hand on the hip or crossed arm. 


I’m here to tell you that whether you are a size 0 or curves beyond that, you can pose better and feel confident doing so. 


It’s been a journey and I want to share the rest of it with you….

Ready to get into modeling or to slay your next photoshoot?  Either goal that resonates, just pull the band-aid. Let’s do it!


I'm Kamla-Kay

This is my story.



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