Modeling for brands such as the Ritz-Carlton, Stella McCartney, Calypso St. Barth, Chase Bank, AutoNation 

and BCBG, this green-eyed Jamaican-born model is also a model coach where she educates aspiring models all about how to become a model. Through her teachings, clients learn how to find and submit to agencies, how to avoid agency scams, portfolio needs, modeling categories etc.  (More on model coaching can be found under the "Become a Model" tab)


Whether modeling Louis Vuitton Purses at Saks Fifth Avenue or seen in T.V. commercials and ads for industries such as banking, tourism, hair care and automobiles to name a few, this down-to-earth model is ready to sell any client’s product.You may have also seen her on the runway at Miami Fashion Week, Funksion or in TV commercials and print ads for clients such as DevaCurl, Ashley Home Store, Sea Ray Yachts, Atlantis Hotel etc.


Her professional demeanor and spirit of oneness/kindness with every life she touches along with her God-given talent, is allowing Kamla-Kay to blaze ahead with her modeling career. Passionate about giving back, "KamKay" is often involved in various charity/nonprofit organizations within the community where you can catch her with a mic in hand as an event host.


On a very important note, Kamla-Kay is tied to her faith and her belief in God. You will not find her posing nude, however, stunning 2-piece bathing suits are fair game :).


Peace, Love & Positive Vibrations! Xo, Kamla-Kay 



Professional Model | Model Coach
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