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In her latest eBook, international, agency signed model & modeling coach, Kamla-Kay reveals all the industry secrets that are often not shared by other models on "How to Become a Model". 

EXCITING NEWS! You can finally skip the 5-year-old outdated internet articles where you are forced to piece together random content from 10 different sites. 


  • Having realistic, healthy body expectations

  • The best ways to submit to a modeling agency

  • What images an agency is expecting to see from you

  • How to avoid agency scams & practice safety

  • What to expect inside of agency contracts

  • How to improve your skin to be model ready

  • How to take model digitals - model polaroids 

+ so much more in this in-depth 90+ page eBook

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End the fear of submitting to agencies & wasting time taking photos that are truly the opposite of what an agency is looking for.

Get ready to learn from an industry expert on "How to Become a Model" & increase the odds of getting signed to a modeling agency or booked as freelance.


Get taught the methods/expectations of a model who does TV commercials, print work and even runway shows.

This eBook is the beginner's guide to the modeling industry to get an aspiring model started in achieving their dreams as a professional, working model. 


If you are more of a hands-on learner & not sure that you have the time to read all the ins and outs within a book format, click my model mentorship link kamlakayconsulting.as.me/ and let's do a live 1-hour zoom call together on "How to Become a Model".


With multiple ways to get model insider guidance from me, there should be no excuses to not pursue your goals. 

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Kamla-Kay is a professional agency-signed model in the USA and Cape Town, South Africa. She has modeled for brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, Disney, Stella McCartney, Atlantis Bahamas, IT Cosmetics and Ashley HomeStore to name a few.


Knowing that there are so many aspiring models who are totally lost on how to navigate the industry, led Kamla-Kay to become a modeling coach to ensure they pursue their career in a safe and well informed educated manner. Kamla-Kay teaches aspiring models through her social media channels, eBook and private 1:1 masterclass course on how to increase their odds of getting agency signed, avoiding scams and build a strong model portfolio.