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Kamla-Kay Modeling portfolio modeling coach



Still feeling lost on how to become a model despite watching a million YouTube videos? Ready to feel CONFIDENT knowing you understand the industry, how to avoid scams, and how to build a proper portfolio?


Complete the application for my next 4-week group Model Masterclass*.

*Please note that not all applicants will be accepted. Limited spots! The 4-week Group Model Masterclass is a $997 investment. If you are not willing to make this investment in your career for the May/June 2023 timeframe when the next series opens up, please do not fill out this May/June application. Click the link for more details and to complete the application.

• Learn best agencies for petite models

• Best agencies for mature "older" models

• How to spot & avoid agency scams

• How to develop your modeling portfolio

• How to maintain proper self-esteem 

• Which style of modeling to pursue

• How to submit to modeling agencies

• How to read agency contracts

• Scripts for contacting industry persons

• How to improve your social media brand

• What to wear to castings/open calls


If you prefer to do a 4-week 1-on-1 SOLO coaching now instead of the 4-week GROUP coaching, please click the button below to get taken to the 1-on-1 solo coaching section instead of completing the group waitlist form.

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