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How to Become a Model

Becoming a model can seem like a rather difficult task at times.

The internet can have you going in circles trying to figure out which modeling agencies are reputable and whether or not you are too short or too curvy to get signed.

As an agency signed model and a modeling coach to aspiring models, not a week goes by where I do not have inbox messages or wall posts on my social media pages from someone asking how they can be a Victoria's Secret Model, how they can get modelings jobs or tips on how to find child modeling agencies for their little one.

Overall, the process to these answers and how to get signed to a modeling agency is often the same for everyone.

Words that paint a picture of pain, struggle and discouragement flood my inbox from aspiring models who feel utterly lost at how to gain the attention of an agency or how to even book jobs as a freelance model.

Life stories of how they were scammed, wasted money doing photo shoots that got them nowhere closer to their dream or simply just having no idea of where to start are all common themes among the outreach for my help.

So with that, I wanted to share a few quick tips.

What are the various or main types/categories of modeling?


· Runway Model

· Fashion/Editorial Print model

· Catalogue Model


· Commercial/Lifestyle Model

· Fitness Model (think workout ads)

· Parts Model (hands, feet, legs model)

Most people think of models as the girls/guys who walk the runways of the major fashion weeks but there are so many other types of modeling.

As you can see, there are more opportunities for individuals to find their niche based on look, height and body type.

How do I find reputable agencies?

First and foremost, visit the website to see a list of some of the most respected and reputable modeling agencies in the world. While all reputable agents are not listed, this is a good starting point.

This site also gives you a wealth of information relative to the modeling industry in addition to tips on being a successful model. You can also network on this site with casting directors, stylists, make-up artists, photographers etc.

When reaching out to anyone, always remain professional and never be too pushy.

If you need more guidance on making sure you select the agency that will be your best option for booking paid modeling jobs, feel free to check out more details about my model coaching class.

How do I go about getting signed by an agency?

So you ask, “what are the actual steps that I can take to allow me to work towards my modeling goals?”

Attending an open call

The most common method of entry that leads to getting signed is by attending an agency’s open call.

Open call means that an agency has pre-selected day(s)/time(s) of the week or month in which they have an open door policy where any aspiring model can walk into their office and meet with an agent.

Please note that some agencies only represent one sex (male or female) so be sure to verify this information when deciding which open calls to attend.

In order to see when an agency has open calls, simply visit their website or call their office to gather this information.

Online Submissions

Aside from attending an open call, there is another course of action that you can take to try to get signed. Most agency websites have a tab along the lines of “submission” or “be discovered” in which you can submit your images for consideration.

If you are doing an online submission, the breakdown of required information is pretty standard. Some forms are very basic and others are more detailed.

Above are the 2 main methods to getting signed. Keep in mind that there will be specific requirements to body type, height, physical features etc. based on which specific agency or category you wish to work in and even based on your location.

Models will also need to take the proper digitals or polaroid images in order for an agency to consider their submission application.

model woman Kamla-Kay on set tv commercial with camera in bedroom

Alright, my loves, I pray that this quick overview has given you a bit more clear insight into finding your way into the industry.

This is only a very small overview of what you need to know to successfully make it into the industry but this is a GREAT start.

More blog posts will be coming so be sure to subscribe to my site so that you get an email each time one goes live.

Looking forward to hearing from you with any of your questions and to educate you on how to go about trying to pursue your dream.

Leave a comment below and feel free to share thoughts on other blog posts you wish for me to create.

Ready to find a modeling agency in Miami or even a modeling agency in New York to explore city life with more opportunities, tips on avoiding agency scams etc?

If you wish to speed up the process of learning how to become an agency signed model that books paid jobs SPECIFIC TO YOUR LOOK, click here.

Peace & Love, Kamla-Kay


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