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How to Become a Model

Becoming a model can seem like a rather difficult task at times.

The internet can have you going in circles trying to figure out which modeling agencies are reputable and whether or not you are too short or too curvy to get signed.

As an agency signed model and a modeling coach to aspiring models, not a week goes by where I do not have inbox messages or wall posts on my social media pages from someone asking how they can be a Victoria's Secret Model, how they can get modelings jobs or tips on how to find child modeling agencies for their little one.

Overall, the process to these answers and how to get signed to a modeling agency is often the same for everyone.

Words that paint a picture of pain, struggle and discouragement flood my inbox from aspiring models who feel utterly lost at how to gain the attention of an agency or how to even book jobs as a freelance model.

Life stories of how they were scammed, wasted money doing photo shoots that got them nowhere closer to their dream or simply just having no idea of where to start are all common themes among the outreach for my help.

So with that, I wanted t