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I'm Kamla-Kay - an agency-signed international model, modeling coach and posing tips coach who is in love with french toast.


I teach people how to become a model even if they are petite or over age 30 and even how to finally pose confidently beyond the simple arm on hips. I’m here to give you easy guides, step-by-step content and even 1-on-1 time with me so that you can prove to YOURSELF that your dreams can come to fruition…

Oh so scammy

for the scams!



I'm so sick of scammy modeling schools & conventions that sell false dreams to aspiring models. 


After first being scammed myself and losing out on jobs because I didn't have an industry standard portfolio, I decided enough was enough! 


I taught myself all about the industry plus proper posing techniques and then finally became an agency-signed working model, modeling mentor & posing coach.  


My consulting has saved my clients from industry pitfalls that could cost thousands in lost/wasted income + time.  I am here to now teach you as well all within my Model Masterclass. 

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The now agency-signed model.  I was such a limited-belief people-pleaser that at one point I feared telling my boss that I was leaving his company to pursue my dream of modeling.


But I took the leap.  There was fear but faith fueled my passion. 


After getting on a plane to head to South Africa for 3 months as a result of another modeling agency offering me a contract, I sobbed as the plane ascended into the clouds while listening to Erykah Badu “Window Seat”.


The tears of joy that have trickled down my face when I booked jobs for Stella McCartney, David Beckham, The Ritz-Carlton, Bacardi etc. are the same tears I want you to experience from reaching your goals...


-- and from finally gaining on-camera confidence and self-acceptance through your improved posing.

Brand Experience



I’m here to help you build YOUR OWN sense of self-worth and confidence through posing so that you can channel the best version of you whether in your personal photoshoots or business-related content creation captures.

Whether you are a size 0 or beyond a size 10, I can teach you how to improve your posing beyond the standard “hand on the hip” while also helping you to feel more confident on camera.







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