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How to have greater confidence as a model

If only I could get signed by a modeling agency and land my dream modeling job as the next Covergirl or equally as dope, get booked in the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show, then my confidence will skyrocket.

I hear it all the time - aspiring models wanting to get private coached by me with the impression that becoming a model means they will automatically have a surge in their current low-lying confidence level.

There is this perception that being a model, that booking their dream job and getting paid for something that they love to do will bring them the confidence boost they say they are currently lacking in regards to their self-esteem.

While being happy in your career can certainly lead to feelings of contentment and confidence, being a model alone will not be the catalyst to a sudden change in your overall sense of self.

You may be reading this and thinking that I am off base for saying this.

How can someone that is on a beautiful billboard that spans the entire side of a NYC building, someone who wakes up each day and gets in front of the camera to take hundreds of dreamy photos not have adequate confidence?

Let me break it down for you.

Much like how money cannot buy happiness, being a model cannot make someone completely confident or all of a sudden have high self-esteem.