• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

Getting Signed to Heffner Management

I remember years ago scrolling through IG and seeing models who were signed with HEFFNER MANAGEMENT.

Heffner represented some amazing models whose portfolio's were top notch.

Their models would often comment on social media with positive rhetoric and accolades on how much they loved being represented by the agency.

As someone who once lived in Seattle for a summer as an intern and loved the city, having ties yet again to Seattle was a major goal for me as it related to getting an agency on the west coast of the U.S.

I also was keen on getting an agency that had a new client list that I had yet to work with.

Although I was already signed to several great agencies in both the USA and Cape Town, South Africa, I still had other goals to expand my potential in the modeling industry.

As my confidence and portfolio developed, one day I decided to submit my digitals/polaroids to Heffner.