• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

What to Wear to Open Call & What to Expect

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

When wanting to become a model, there are various routes in which an aspiring model can go about getting in front of an agency with the hope of getting signed.

One common way that aspiring models can have the chance to meet with a modeling agency, is through what is called an agency Open Call.

Unlike if a model submits to an agency via the agency's online portal, an Open Call is when aspiring models are allowed to meet with an agency face to face in person.

In many ways, this method can increase the odds of you getting signed versus should you only submit online.

The Pros of Attending Modeling Agency Open Calls

Agencies love when models have personality - positive, confident personalities.

When meeting with an agency in person versus trying to only submit static images to them via the internet, they are able to more readily ascertain your personality and how that would fit in with their client list.

Attending in person also allows the agency to better gauge how serious you will be about your career and how responsible, respectful and punctual you would potentially be when meeting with their clients.