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How to read your modeling agency contract

Worried you may not know how to properly read a modeling contract before you sign it?

Maybe the most you have read in your life were the books you were forced to read in grade school or the research papers you skimmed to have just enough information to write your college essay.

So now, when an agency hands you a modeling contract that is pages long and is written in dialect foreign to your everyday language, you are totally lost.

That's where I come in within this article.

As an agency signed model who has signed a number of modeling contracts over the years, I want to share my industry insight into the various categories of information and disclosures that are usually found in a contract.


When entering into a contract with a modeling agency and reviewing your terms of agreement, there are generally 2 types of contracts that an agency will have; one of which will be offered to you.

1) Exclusive Contract

2) Non-Exclusive Contract</