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How to become a petite model

This striking red backdrop photo looks like the American dream team; A melting pot of inclusivity amongst the chosen models.

A showcase of different skin colors, hip sizes, hair textures and yep - model heights.

At 1st glance you probably quickly noticed one of the models in particular in the photo.

The one with the gorgeous long straight black hair --- in the cozy red sweater.

Yep, you see her.

Based on the title of this blog, "how to become a petite model" you should know by now where I am going with this.

This photo was taken for a paid booking with a super fun t-shirt/sweater company.

There were about 5 or 6 of us models hired for the day and as you can see by the photo, NOT everyone fit the stereotype of all models being tall or the typical fashion looks.

The model in the red sweater - like the rest of us, got signed & GOT PAID the same amount of money to do this shoot just like the rest of us did even though she was several inches shorter than all of us.

Oh - and I should also mention that one of my model coaching students, who is only 5'2" also got agency signed as well.

So, do you often scroll through Instagram and leave tearful emoji's on agency pages saying you wish you were tall enough for them to sign you?

I've seen plenty of those comments before when I was mindlessly scrolling - I know, wasting time - Darn millennial...

But point is, maybe one of those comments of defeat that I saw was written by you or by some other aspiring model who feels just like you.

If your dream is to be a model and you feel you are 2 short, do not let height deter you from first trying.

Besides the model in the fun photo above, and my 5'2" student, I recently saw a black model who is signed with Wilhelmina in the USA and with an agency in London and she is around 5'5" - MAYBE 5'6".

She is making THOUSANDS per job, per day!! Thousands!!

She does print work, hair campaigns and beauty shoots.

As you can see, IT IS POSSIBLE to get signed & paid on jobs even as a "short" model.

While it may be harder to get signed- no hiding that fact - getting signed can still happen with the right level of understanding of where you fit into the industry and a portfolio that focuses on your best attributes.

To make it as a shorter model, you will need to these 4 tips:

1) Showcase yourself to the agencies in THE PROPER WAY such as clothing that elongates your body.

2) Take pictures in specific angles AND POSES which elongates your legs.

3) Submit yourself mostly to agencies that cater to commercial or parts models.

4) Take proper headshots in the correct color clothing, with the right make-up/hair team and with a photographer that specializes in agency commercial/beauty shots.

Modeling agencies for short models:

The age old argument in the modeling industry is that brands and designers prefer to work with taller models.

While that is the case in many ways, there are many agencies who will sign shorter models.

Although there isn't a set list per se of all the agencies that will sign a shorter model, this is how to find one that is a best fit for your height and look.

1) Research agencies in your local area and even in other states/countries.

2) It is usually best to start by Googling "TALENT AGENCIES" instead of "MODELING AGENCIES" because talent agencies are typically more open to signing petite/shorter models.

2) Visit their website and scroll through the images of the models and click on each model's headshot.

3) Within each model's portfolio is a list of their stats including their height. Write down which agencies have models who are your height.

4) Once you have a list of the agencies that seem to have a good mix of taller and shorter models, those are the agencies you should contact.

Now the question is - are you ready to stop HOPING you were a model outside of Instagram and actually be able to SAY "I am an AGENCY SIGNED MODEL" ?

You can do this!!

I hope after reading this that you are encouraged to know that with the right submission steps and a killer portfolio, that your modeling goals are possible.

Just like the model in the photo that got signed and booked and my 5'2" client who also got signed and booked, there are agencies out there for YOU.

Modeling coach Kamla-Kay shares excellent tips on how to be an agency signed short model and who to find modeling agencies for petite models
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If you wish for me to guide you on exactly how to get agency signed and booking jobs SPECIFIC TO YOUR LOOK & HEIGHT (taller or shorter) click here for private model coaching.

Be sure to also share this blog with your aspiring model friends & if you have any questions leave them below or feel free to message me in my DM on Instagram @KAMLAKAY. Don't forget to follow me on IG also.

Speak soon...




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