• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

3 tips to reduce wedding planning stress

The number one question that I get the moment someone hears that I am recently engaged is "So do you have a wedding date yet?"

It is seemingly such a simple, innocent question yet the pressure to have everything outlined and already in order can certainly feel daunting.

From the realization and excitement that you are taking that leap to be in a union and all the changes that will come with such a partnership to the reality that unless you go the courthouse route, there will be a litany of boxes that need to be checked as you plan.

I am finding that as I begin the planning process, as much as I keep saying that I am not going to stress and will just go with the flow, the most minor of details can bring up emotions of frustration, disappointment or even tension.

So in a resolve to make wedding planning a positive process that can be enjoyed, these are the tips that I am finding as the best way to manage the stress.