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The moment I became a mom

I screwed up!

All day Sunday I knew it was Mother's Day.

I made calls to my mothers, my godmothers...and even contacted friends of mine...

I said Happy Mother's Day to those who never birthed a child yet who acted like a mother figure to those that needed it.

Mothers are more than the people that go through labor pains or who do the amazing selfless act of adopting someone else's child.

Mothers are all of us ladies.

Each time you nurture a friend...

Each time you say a kind word...

Each time you give a hug to someone that needs it...

Your gift of love is the epitome of what all mother's and mother figures should be.

Model & modeling coach Kamla-Kay for Fam Club ad. Mother's Day
Me with my fake work son for FamClub

So my bad. 

I freakin screwed up.

I totally forgot to tell you all...

The amazing women in my tribe, a Happy Mother's Day. 

To those who got to celebrate with their children and their own mother, what a gift.

To anyone that curled up in bed or didn't feel the spirit as a result of not having children or as a result of their mother no longer being on earth, I am sending you virtual hugs.