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5 things to do before submitting to modeling agencies

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

One of the many questions I often get asked is, "how do I get a modeling agency to sign me".

When picturing a "model", the first thoughts that usually flash like a bulb in the mind are their physical, often superficial outer features.

We think of models as the vision of perfection.

We think of clear skin, bodies that are often envied; visuals of long legs and fierceness, and if you are watching a shampoo commercial, the bounciest hair that falls perfectly in place every time.

Just like corporate jobs with set expectations of their new hires, modeling holds no exceptions to meeting certain standards, albeit from a different listing.

There are certain physical features to get you initially noticed and later on some intrinsic characteristics which can propel you into greater success away from the oversaturated pack.

If you are in the current position of not yet being agency signed but hoping to find your photo in times square for a Target ad or on the next TV commercial in a Burberry Campaign, it would behoove you to begin working on improving the following 5 things.

Improving upon the following 5 will increase your chances of getting signed, re-booking work with the same clients and maintaining a healthy emotional state.