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Models: Ditch the Fad Diets for These Healthy Weight Loss Tips

(Contributing Writer: Millie Tomlinson)

The fashion industry has always been critical of a model’s appearance. Even when you’re already a successful model, you can still get body shamed when you don’t meet the public’s expectations -- or that of your modeling agency. This can pressure you into losing weight to appease them. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you must lose weight safely for your well-being. One such way to do so is by avoiding fad diets that promote harmful practices for short-term weight loss. These are often marketed to models because they get quick results, but the health consequences aren’t worth it. A recent example is a high-fiber diet that apparently caused 8 women serious health issues, including intestinal bleeding. This is because the diet instructs that you consume an amount of fiber that exceeds the US Department of Health’s recommendation. If you want to avoid the consequences of these fad diets, consider trying these healthy weight loss tips instead.

Go for healthier food options

Fad diets are characterized by restrictive eating. One example is the Keto diet, which involves avoiding all carbohydrates for quick weight loss. Unfortunately, this can quickly lead to binge eating and weight gain since you’re depriving yourself of other foods. Instead of restricting yourself, choose healthier food options. One of the most well known weight loss programs encourages this because it makes losing weight a more enjoyable experience. You can continue eating the foods you like but go for their healthier versions. After all, there’s no “good” or “bad” food—just less nutritious. If you’re craving chicken, choose grilled or roasted instead of fried to avoid excess oil consumption. Rather than snacking on candied fruit, eat it fresh to prevent overeating sugar. Whenever possible, request your preferred, healthier food options at shoots or pack your own food to avoid buying fast food.

Don’t skip meals

You may think skipping meals is great for weight loss since you’re avoiding food consumption. However, you’re only making yourself hungrier, leading to overeating. This is why you need to complete your meals daily. If you’re too busy to cook within the day, prepare your meals at the start of the week. You can make a batch of your favorite health meals such as cooking several chicken breasts with sautéd mixed vegetables and pre-portion them into containers before storing them in the fridge. Throughout the week, you only need to reheat them for your meals. This is especially useful for busier models who struggle to eat on time. When you have castings or photoshoots, just pack one of your pre-made meals and snacks to eat on the go.

Drink enough water Drinking water has several benefits for weight loss. First, it suppresses your appetite by k