• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

Photoshoot Safety Tips For Models

I originally wrote this article for Backstage.com as a contributing writing and reposted my writing to my blog with some tweaks. Click here to see the original article entitled "The safety tips every model must know!"

It can be super tempting to respond “yes!” the moment you get a modeling job offer due to the sheer excitement of booking work.

In an industry that is often unreliable with producing consistent gigs, it can feel daunting to not book and worse, to give up what seems like a great opportunity.

But pause!

While this industry is stocked high with individuals of high moral character and who are here to help make a model’s journey as smooth and successful as possible, there are still individuals who prey on dreams and take advantage when they see a loophole.

Before you dive into a paid work opportunity, or even the offer to do a shoot for “exposure”, it is vital to your safety that you implement some key action steps to ensure you feel safe and protected in the presence of an agent, photographer and/or production team.