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8 tips to avoiding modeling scams

Let's face it.

There are a million agencies out there posting images of what seems to be real models who they represent - agencies or individuals who are always talking about how they book amazing jobs for their models.

Maybe you have even had agents or talent scouts reaching out to you on social media asking if you would like to get signed; many of whom you have never heard of in the sea of agencies that seem to pop up overnight.

But what are some keys things to be mindful of to know if you are about to be the victim of a potential scam - either for money or human trafficking for instance - or if you are actually being contacted by a legitimate agency?


To make sure that your dreams of becoming a model are not tainted as a result of you being taken advantage of physically or financially, below are 8 tips to keep in mind before jumping at the opportunity to sign a modeling contract or before meeting with an apparent agent.

Spotting Modeling Scams - Red Flag Cheat Sheet:

1. Research the company or person in question by doing online searches and social media inquiries to see what information you find on the company in question. I even suggest calling the number found online for the place of business to see if the information you gather on the phone/online compares to any information sent to you via email or social media by the person trying to sign you.

2. Check out reviews as listed on Google and feel free to reach out to models that you see on the company's social media sites to see if those models are genuinely signed to the agency and to get their thoughts on working with said agency. Find out if the agency and employees have the best interest of the models and if the model has had any issues working with said company.