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Body Shaming - Greater Self-Esteem

Recently, I WAS BODY SHAMED on social media & told how unhealthy & disgusting I looked.

Below is the response I commented back to the WOMAN who body shamed me 》

" I can completely respect your opinion to think I look 2 thin. However, did you take the time to realize that the photo could be the angle is which my body was contorted and thus yes it shows more bones than typical. And yes I am a thin girl. Am I anorexic no.

I come from a 6'4" father who he himself has a 32" waist. My dad is always asked if he played basketball. So yes I've been blessed with a thin body with a high metabolism.Unlike the average person these days I eat fairly healthy, I stay away from fast foods and I opt for organics whenever possible. But best believe I love ice-cream and can indulge in whatever foods I choose without it ever causing me to gain weight.Have I ever had the need to diet 1 day in my life? Nope. High metabolism.

Could I possibly gain a few pounds? Sure, why not.But that does NOT mean I am UNHEALTHY. In fact, my doctor has confirmed I am just fine. Yes I'm GENETICALLY thin and yes I'm a model. A model that eats..and eats..and eats.

But also a model that promotes positive self awareness, self esteem and does not condone body shaming. I am also a model that tries to uplift women and should I find concern for them I pull them aside versus publically hurting or shaming them.

I am also a model tied to her faith in Christ that is fully aware that its ok to have an opinion but knows it should be done in love...and in love there is a method to concern just like you would in a relationship with your partner.

So in love I'm going to pray that in the future you will find another way to express concern that is genuine and that reflects how we should all be together.

That is building versus demolishing.And I'm going to assume that you have issues just like we all do and for that I pray that your life is surrounded by others who love you on your journey."

When this happened to me, at first I was embarrassed, then hurt.

I could not believe that someone could write such words to someone that they did not know in such a manner.

But then I realized that this could be a teaching opportunity not only for myself but for others who would read her post and my subsequent response.

My goal was to not allow my hurt to spew negativity back but to use that moment to be a light instead.

So, regardless of what others think of a size, skinny or curvy, short or tall, body shaming is NOT ok.

We live in a society that focuses on external beauty so much so that we miss the fact that others have actual feelings. That words actually do hurt. That people are not just the shell we see but beneath that there are varying personality traits, amazing gifts, low and high self-esteems, broken spirits and mended wounds.

We are so accustomed to judgement first and reflection second that we sometimes fail to realize the magnitude and ramifications of our spewed hurt.

To have greater self-esteem and self-care:

1) Focus on love and acceptance of differences.

2) Focus on being healthy mentally, emotional, spiritually and physically.

3) Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are an amazing individual and that you have great things to offer this world.

4) Remind yourself that progress & change takes time

5) Remember that hurt people hurt people. Take the necessary steps to heal from whatever personal trauma or hurt that you have experienced. Seek professional counseling if needed.

Prayers that this blog post was a blessing to you in reminding you to be careful in not only how you judge others but in how you perceive yourself.

Love you!

Your self-love can be exactly the example someone else needs to see to accept their own body.

Flaws & all, peace & love, Kamla-Kay💕


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