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6 tips on how to pursue a modeling career


But promise me 1st that you won’t judge me.

I don’t believe in coincidences --

When life throws you what may feel like a fresh new amazing start, or even a curveball, it was there for some lesson, some saving grace moment or some necessary twist to your journey.

It’s a chance for new things that are even better than last month’s things.

And on that note, I thought I would share this.

You pinky promise not to judge me, right?

ok! Let's talk!

When I quit my full-time job about 8 years ago, I thought it was the best decision for me at the time.

And in some ways it was.

Quitting was the best decision - for me.

I was working full time at an Advertising Agency and I loved my job.

My bosses, co-workers and our many office pups were great.

But in my spirit I knew that God had something else for me.

My passion was modeling and I didn't want to have any regrets 30 years down the line.

So I went for it.

But truth be told, I did it the dumbest - well maybe not dumb - but the most uneducated way.

I did not properly plan out my modeling career BEFORE I jumped into it.

In all honesty, I thought I planned it well...but hindsight taught me I still had a lot to learn.

This is what happened.

I moved to Miami around March of that year not realizing that the end of spring/summer tended to be the slowest months of the year for booking modeling jobs in Miami.

I literally quit my job and moved at the dead of modeling season versus when most of the jobs took place.

YIKES - I had no idea at the time.

Model Kamla-Kay Atelier editorial
My 1st Miami shoot with my agency after signing

I thought all I needed to do was move to Miami, start submitting myself to agencies and the rest would be history.

I moved and did get signed but then there were crickets.

No castings - no bookings.

It took me a few months to get booked on actual modeling jobs and instead I relied on promotional modeling (events) to supplement my income.

I know, I totally did not plan that out well. Part of me was super excited yet part was embarrassed that I was pursuing this dream blindly and had made an error in the actual timing of my move.

But I decided to use my time wisely.

In the meantime of “the wait” for the modeling season to pick back up, I did things like:

1. Work on building my modeling portfolio by reaching out to photographers to do shoots.

2. Practicing my posing so that when my chance did come, that I would be prepared.

- I certainly didn't want the chance to get work and then be a deer in headlights in front of the camera or not have any images to show an agency.

If you are an aspiring model on the journey of waiting for your time to shine, perfect your craft.


p.s If you need detailed guidance on how to build a strong modeling portfolio up to agency standards & posing techniques based on what MODELING AGENCIES will expect from you, feel free to hop on my calendar for a one-on-one session together here

6 tips on how to pursue your modeling career:

Get 6 tips on how to best pursue your modeling career. Kamla-Kay give you detailed tips based on her personal modeling experiences that you can implement now to help your career

To do this, here are some tips that you can do while still at your full time job or even while you are already signed to an agency and waiting to book work.

1. Research on the modeling industry in the market that you want to work in. Make sure you are only submitting to agencies that you verified as being legitimate and not a scam.

2. Ask other models that you see online what XYZ agency is like to work with or what months tend to be the busiest and slowest in that market.

3. Practice in front of the camera and the mirror or take posing lessons and get your life together boo. Slay for the camera.

4. Take the steps to read about modeling agencies, look at their agency walls and see what they look for in models.

5. Work on improving your skin and body tone if needed.

6. Work on your self-esteem and mental health as modeling is an industry that comes with lots of critique and criticism AND REJECTION.

Being able to understand these 6 tips AND IMPLEMENT them has been the keys to me booking jobs for clients such as The Ritz-Carlton, David Beckham, Disney, Bank of America, South Africa tourism (yes I modeled in South Afirca) ever since I quit my full-time job.

My journey happened as it did not by mistake, but as a learning tool that led me here to now being able to save you from the same headache.

Consider this a lesson in preparation so that you are aligned in timing with your goals.

holla back at me if you have questions... leave comments below or send me a DM on IG here.

xo, Kamla-Kay

Model & Modeling Coach/Model Mentor


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