• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

How to avoid being rejected by a modeling agency

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

I know, it's frustrating!

Applying to modeling agencies and getting back an email that says "you are not a good fit for our agency" thus leaving you with a sunken feeling of yet another denial.

Often, the agencies are not very clear on why they will not be extending a contract to you and therefore you are left with more unanswered questions rather than a guided plan of how to improve your chances the next time around.

So, let's dive into 5 of the main reasons why you may be getting "rejected" by modeling agencies and thus give you an idea of what to change or improve upon to increase the odds of being able to put your signature on a coveted modeling contracted.

1. Your height/look is not a right fit for the agency

Let's say that you are an aspiring model who is 5'5" and you are applying to all the top fashion agencies yet not getting a response...or getting denial notes.