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How to become a Nike fitness model

So you want to learn how to become a fitness model for brands such as Nike after realizing that a trip to the gym isn't a drag after all.

As with commercial modeling where clients want the talent to have a nice smile and an approachable demeanor and for fashion models where long leans legs are desired, fitness models are required to have a specific look in order to get signed by a modeling agency or even booked as a freelancer for a fitness client.

For many, they have the goal of becoming a fitness model not realizing the amount of work, strength training and endurance that often goes into that career niche.

The beads of sweat dripping off the models in the Nike, Under Armour and Adidas ads as not always photoshopped. Being a fitness model takes true work in many cases.

Fitness model in athletic wear smiling with jumprope

In fact, while the models who you see in fitness inspired ads or commercials may get squirted here and there with a water bottle for the dramatization of heavier sweat, often, the fitness models are genuinely working out to create the high intensity shot and sweat that you see.

I once saw a post by Taylor Walker (@TaylorWalkerFit), a friend of mine who is also a fitness model, personal trainer & nutritional coach. She stated that she was on set for 10 hours on a fitness shoot doing intense cardio. Yikes for endurance!

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