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What is a comp card and why you need one

Ever heard models or even a modeling agency that you reached out to ask "do you have a comp card" or "can you send me your comp card?"

This can be a dreaded question if you are in the position of a client wanting to book you as model only to find out that you do not have a comp card that you can send them.

I once booked a $6,000 modeling job after being requested to send my comp card to a client and as a result of developing a strong modeling portfolio with high quality images that I then placed on a comp card.

I was able to book the job in less that 5 hours of the client receiving my email with my comp card.

As you can see, the right images with the right comp card can certainly help your career whether you are signed to an agency or as a freelance model.

In a recent YouTube video that posted, I went into great detail on what is a comp card, what does a comp card look like, what size to create them and what style of photography to have on a comp card.

Here is the quick overview on what is a comp card and what to include

1. Comp cards are your little handheld portfolio, or enlarged business card, also known as a composite card or z-card that agents use to showcase a snippet of your work to a potential client.

2. Models are often requested to bring a comp card to a casting call when they are meeting with a client and doing an audition.

3. In terms of how to make a comp card, comp card sizes for models are usually

5.5 x 8.5 inches either vertically or horizontally. Most comp cards have a headshot on the front and 3-4 images on the back.

Companies such as Sed Card 24 and dozen others offer a range of services for creating and printing a basic starter comp card.

4. Comp cards should always include your stat measurements such:

  • height

  • bust, waist and hip inches/cm

  • shoe size

  • hair color

  • eye color

modeling comp card. fashion , beauty, editorial model photos

5. Contact phone number of your modeling agency or if you are a freelance model then it should include your phone number, email and social media handle.

6. Comp cards should include a range of photos ranging from a headshot, to 3/4 shot to full body shots with different poses/angles and facial expressions.

In my model coaching class for aspiring models , I also guide models on how to create their own comp card or I will create it for them.

Do you currently have a comp card or need help to create one?

Feel free to reach out with questions/comments.

Peace & love,



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