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Journey to saying YES - I'm Engaged!

The quick version is that God gets all the glory. No one but Him put this relationship together and I am super thankful.

Longer version

Truth be told, over the years, I’ve had random moments of anxiety about being a wife. It wasn’t a constant nagging fear but there were certainly some defining moments. All the thoughts of was I ready, was I willing to give up my sense of independence and “go as I please” freedom, was I ready to put someone else FIRST, was I ready to be self-less and compromise to the highest degree? Was I going to make a good wife? Would I make him happy enough? Was I too opinionated, too set in my ways, too emotional at times? Would either of us have regrets? Would I feel suffocated to settle down and potentially travel less since traveling is so important to me?

On the flip side, I also had emotions of thinking/praying that marriage would be far greater of a positive adventure than I could have ever imagined and it would turn out to be exactly what we needed and most importantly WANTED. The vacillating thoughts were sometimes endless. But thankfully by the grace of God, even though I knew the ups and downs of any relationship would be inevitable, I believed in myself enough to be a great wife and in my partner enough to be a great husband to want to one day have that type of union with HIM.

It certainly WAS NOT perfect as we are imperfect people but we always made our relationship a conscious PRIORITY to be loving, healthy and filled with compromise even when it wasn't easy or convenient. We never crudely demeaned each other, rudely hung up the phone or spitefully broke promises. It was work but we felt the other person was worth the effort.

Our relationship wasn’t the conventional “worldly” outlay. We often got questions from friends on how could we refrain from this and not do that as it related to our pre-marriage do’s