• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

Officially booked - On set model etiquette

Just 24 hours ago, my agency called and said that I had booked a hand modeling job less than 8 hours after submitting myself for the potential booking.

So here I am. On set shooting desserts, salads, ribs and sandwiches for a grocery store chain. Most of which are not edible as a result of oils, cornstarches, glues etc. being added for the perfect look and arrangement.

As I wait to shoot again, the light from the oversized windows as well as the artificial prop lights are filtering halfway through the room into my eyes. I hear the photographer across the room announce, "camera rolling and action".

Currently the other model is working on a scene where he is picking up shrimp from a platter and placing cocktail sauce next to the 5 shrimp he has picked up.

And yes, 5 shrimp because the art director has been specific in the request for the model to try to smoothly grab 5 shrimp as the video rolls.

It appears the model just nailed the shot on the 3rd attempt because "alright, we are good, whohooo" just echoed through the room.

This client is a fun one.