• Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

3 direct ways to earn extra cash as a part-time model

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I get it! You want to earn extra income but so many of the jobs you find online are actually time consuming and in most cases, kinda boring.

But what if you could do something that you agree to based on your own random availability and that is actually fun, maybe even allows you the extra income to travel with your family and friends...

What if you could do modeling and get to live out that childhood dream you had of being in a magazine or on TV.

Maybe you need to keep your full-time job to pay the bills, your parent/partner isn't in agreement with you making modeling a full-time career and the list of hold-ups goes on.

What if modeling part-time allowed you to keep your family and financial obligations in tact and still be able to feel like you get to pursue your dreams?

As a model, depending on your location, your agency (or if you choose freelance without being agency signed), your skill level in front of the camera, how high end (quality) your portfolio looks, or even just how good of a single headshot that you have, there are so many variations in how often a model can work, how much they make and how much they get to travel.